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Arugula Benefits


Arugula is one of the healthies greens you can have. It is good for so many aspects of your health.

It improves skin health. It works by releasing anti-inflammatory compounds that fight against the damaging effects of free radicals. In addition, arugula can improve cellular resilience and elasticity when consumed regularly and protect your skin from ageing

Arugula also has an “anti-breakage” effect by strengthening the keratin contained in each fiber. This sheathing effect is a real rejuvenator for the health and beauty of your hair.

Vitamin K helps with the absorption of calcium into your bones; making them stronger.

Arugula is rich in vitamin A, a micronutrient essential to supporting the immune system and helping your body grow and develop. Vitamin A is a key player in maintaining your vision and promoting cell division and a healthy reproductive system.

Arugula contains carotenoids and flavonoids, antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress and can help fight cancer and prevent chronic disease.

As a cruciferous vegetable like the traditionally beloved broccoli and the kale, arugula is chock-full of phytochemicals that neutralize free radicals and protect liver health.

Arugula has a bit of a bitter taste to it so it is not recommended for salads. But try putting it on pizza or in a variety of dishes like pasta. Or just simply put it in your smoothie and you are good to go!

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