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Why should you eat more fish

fish fillet

We have all heard so many times that we should have more fish in our meals; but what is all the fuss about? Do fish really deliver so much?

First of all, seafood is generally lower in calories and saturated fat than red meat.

Second, Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that

Could support skin health,

May help prevent cancer,

Could improve mental disorders

Is just to name a few.

Be aware that our bodies can’t make these fats from scratch so we must get them from the food we consume.

Fishes also include vitamins such as D and B2 which are hard to receive from a red meat based diet. And even compared to chicken, fish is considered healthier due to the omega3 it has.

Also there have been so many studies showing the bad side of a red meat based diet alone; so for the best results try to have a balanced diet and try to sneak in more fish if you can!

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