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Things you didn’t know you could make with tomato paste

Tomato paste has a rich refreshing umami taste. With that in mind and a bit of creativity, you can make so many new dishes or remake the ones you always have with a new flavor.

Here are a few:

  • Make any sauce!

Add a bit of water, olive oil and spices like thyme and you will be amazed at how amazing it will turn out to be. You can also get creative and add other stuff like garlic or rosemary too.

  • Use it into the water or broth you’re using to cook grains in.

The time of cooking just makes all the flavors more intense and delicious.

  • It can also be used in a variety of dips.

Like a healthy hummus dip that can be eaten with carrots or crackers.

  • Nothing catches the eye like a sweet and spicy tomato glaze!

You can use it on your homemade BBQ!

  • Dehydrated tomato paste makes a delicious tomato powder.

Some say if you feel like your meal is missing something just add a spoon of tomato paste and it will be just perfect!

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