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Brix: 36-38%

Color: 2-2.2

pH: 3.8-4.1

HMC: 40%

Bostwick: 6-9cm/30sec

Processing type: Cold Break

Production mesh: 0.7mm

Storage: Cool dry place

Ingredients: Tomato pulp from fresh tomatoes

Tomato paste brix: 36/38% is the most popular product in tomato paste. Our Tomato paste obtained from the processing of tomatoes with middle east origin, non-GMO, fresh, ripe and healthy.

We make sure we manufacture tomato paste follow the HACCP plan, and our workers have Skills Training every year before manufacture season.
At our factory, we strive to produce the best quality tomatoe paste. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technologies and processes that allow us to consistently deliver top quality products. We are committed to ensuring that our production meets the highest standards of safety and quality. Our commitment to excellence means that our customers can trust us to provide them with fresh and nutritious tomato paste every time.


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